How do I find materials on Molissa Fenley?

Mills College is fortunate to have abundant material on Molissa Fenley. Her archive is located in the Mills College Library's Special Collections, in the Heller Rare Book Room. It was donated by Fenley and is updated by her periodically. There are also DVD recordings of her dances, located in the general collection.

For an overview of the archive see the Guide to the Molissa Fenley Archive on the Special Collections webpage. There is also a link to this overview in the Minerva record, which you can access by following these directions:

In the Library Catalog do a WORD or AUTHOR search for "fenley, molissa". Using the drop down menu to the right of the main search box, choose the Minerva search default "Entire Collection".

When you get to the Minerva record, this is what it will look like. (see image below)

To access the guide, click on the word "Website."

This search in Minerva will also list the holdings of the DVDs.

More on Molissa Fenley:

Oral History Collection of the Jerome Robbins Dance Division of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Center, New York.

Interview with Molissa Fenley, conducted by Ann Murphy (excerpt) 

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