Subject Specialist
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John Winsor
Systems Librarian and Head of Technical Services
Tel: 510-430 2066

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Lawral Wornek
Reference Librarian
Tel: 510-430 2029

Important Library Books
Time Management
"Getting things done : the art of stress-free productivity," by David Allen.

"Concise time management and personal development," by John Adair. (ebook)

"Time management," by D.S. Cheema. (ebook)

"Skilful time management!" by Peter Levin.
"Note-taking made easy," by Judi Kesselman-Turkel and Franklynn Peterson. (ebook)
Exam Preparation
Journals, Magazines, News, & Articles
Chronicle of Higher Education (print and online)
Software and Website-based Learning Aids
Free tools
Cold Turkey - Set it up to temporarily block distracting websites, games, and programs. (software)

Diigo - Save and annotate anything found on the web. Cloud based. Access your library anywhere.
Due - Set up a project and a due date and Due will remind you. Sync between your Apple/Mac products. (app)

Habitica - A free habit-building and productivity app that gamifies your to-do list. Join quests, raise pets and mounts, fight "bosses," all by practicing good habits and completing tasks. There are at least 8 different guilds directed at students that will help you create good study habits (and finish that thesis!).

Quizlet - Create flashcards and get quizzed. (app and website)

Toggl - Keep track of time spent on projects. They push a $5 subscription, but there is a readily available free version. (website)

Workflowy - Create to-do lists and take notes. Accessible from any internet connected device. (website)

Wunderlist - Create and publish lists. Downloadable apps for your phone, browser, computer, tablet... (app)
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