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Support for Thesis/Dissertation Writers
The primary source of guidance in terms of content, organization and documentation are your advisors. We are happy to help with questions regarding research strategies and formatting.
For very large supplemental files
In the ETD Administrator, go to Notes and enter a message to your graduate school administrators, explaining that a file is being submitted separately because of issues uploading it.

For very large supplemental files:

  1. Create a list of your supplemental files (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or text file) that includes:
    • Each supplementary file name.
    • A brief description of each supplemental file.
  2. Create a separate information file describing your dissertation/thesis, including:
    • Your name
    • Your school
    • The title of your dissertation/thesis
    • The ETD submission ID (your submission ID will be sent to you in an email after you submit your dissertation/thesis in the ETD Administrator).
  3. Copy the supplementary files, the list above and the information file onto a CD, DVD or USB jump drive and deliver it to Lawral in the library.
Overview of the Upload Process
Mills College theses and dissertations will be submitted through ProQuest/ETD. It’s a fairly easy process, but there are some requirements and associated costs.
  • All students submitting a thesis or a dissertation are required to pay a $45 Fee. These fees will be charged to students' accounts when they submit a Petition for Candidacy Form.
  • Please follow the current Mills College formatting instructions (below). The formatting is necessary to comply with ProQuest/ETD requirements and if you plan to purchase bound copies.
  • Once you have finished your thesis or dissertation (congratulations!) and it has been approved and the cover page signed by your advisor and committee (we will obtain the provost's signature), make an appointment to see Lawral Wornek in the library. Bring to the appointment a .doc or .pdf version of your thesis or dissertation, your abstract and keywords, and your credit card.
It is a ProQuest/ETD requirement to have all fonts embedded in your document if you are not using a true-type font such as Times New Roman. You must also submit your document in .pdf format. For help embedding fonts, see the ProQuest/ETD FAQ. Your thesis or dissertation also needs a cover page that your advisors and the provost will sign.

***You must include a blank page following the cover page of your thesis. This is where ProQuest will put all the required copyright information.***
Also, if your or your adviser's contact information is in your appendix, please redact that information by highlighting it in black before converting your document to .pdf.


  • All margins (top, bottom, left, and right) should be 1 inch.
    • If you plan to purchase bound copies, make your left-hand margin 1.5 inches.
  • Margin of 2 inches or more at the top of chapters or sections is acceptable.
  • Left justify all text.

Page Set-Up, Type-Face, Pagination:

  • Generally, use 12-point fonts.
  • Times New Roman recommended. If not, you must embed your fonts.
  • Use the same type-face and font size throughout the document. For creative theses, some type-face and font variations may be acceptable if approved by thesis advisors and fonts are embedded.
  • Double space the text. Long quotations, footnotes, endnotes, bibliography may be single-spaced.
  • How to Paginate your Thesis or Dissertation

Bibliographic Style:

Uploading to ProQuest/ETD

Uploading your thesis or dissertation can take up to an hour. You will need a .pdf version of your thesis or dissertation, an abstract and keywords, and possibly a credit card to complete this process. You can make an appointment with Lawral Wornek to upload your thesis or dissertation, or you can upload it yourself at, by selecting "Sign up and get started today!" and creating a new account. When you create your account, use a permanent email address, not your email. If there are any issues with your thesis or dissertation, this is the email address that I or ProQuest will use to contact you.

There are a number of decisions that need to be made and forms that need to be filled out, some of which are detailed below. You will also have an opportunity to order print copies of your thesis or dissertation at this time.

Publishing Options:

  • Through the Traditional Publishing Agreement, your dissertation is findable through the ProQuest Dissertation and Theses Database (PQDT). Interested researchers at institutions that do not subscribe to this database who want to access your work will be prompted to purchase a copy. You can get royalties through this option, but the purchase cost will deter some researchers. The Traditional Publishing Agreement is free to you.
  • The Open Access Publishing Agreement allows interested researchers to access your dissertation or thesis at no cost to them. Your dissertation or thesis will be findable through both the ProQuest Dissertation and Theses Database (PQDT) and PQDT Open. This option costs you $95 which must be paid to complete the upload process.


  • You can opt to have ProQuest/ETD register your work at the United States Copyright Office for you. This costs $75 which must be paid to complete the upload process.
  • If you choose not to have ProQuest/ETD register your work with the United States Copyright Office, you are still protected by U.S. Copyright Law. However, you will have more favorable options should you need to sue someone for copyright infringement if your work is registered.


  • You will have the opportunity to associate up to six keywords or phrases with your thesis or dissertation to make it more findable. Use the words and phrases that you would use to search for your thesis or dissertation in a database.


  • You must provide a brief abstract or summary describing your thesis or dissertation.

Purchasing copies:

  • If you would like to purchase bound copies of your thesis or dissertation, there are many options available. If you choose to purchase copies at the time of upload, you must pay all associated costs to complete the upload process.
  • You will be able to log into ProQuest/ETD to purchase bound copies at a later date if needed.
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